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How to cut a mango

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Incredible Household Helper: Olive Oil

Olive oil is good for a lot more than salad dressing!! In fact, this surprising household helper has a number of uses that you may have never thought of!!


There is a famous saying in Italy… “olio nuovo, vino vecchio” – This means it’s best to consume young oil and old wine…A principle I live by. But when your olive oil is past its prime in taste, it’s typically still perfectly for other household uses. But how can you tell?

Olive oil has four distinct enemies…Heat, light, air and time. All of which contribute to rancidity. That’s why it should be stored in a cool, dark place in a container that is glass, stainless steel or tin. A recent study showed that olive oil loses 40% of its antioxidant benefits after six months…a good time to transfer it from your kitchen pantry to your cleaning closet…


Olive oil can be used to moisturize creaky hinges in your home or your car. Use a cotton swab to apply it.


It can be used to lubricate measuring cups and spoons when you’re cooking with a sticky substance like honey or molasses.


Want to make your stainless steel sparkle? Pour a few drops of olive oil on a cotton cloth and give your item a rub.


Same goes with your shoes if you’re out of polish. Apply a touch of olive oil to a soft cloth and voila…


Need to get latex paint off your hands? Pour a teaspoon or two olive oil on them and grab a handful of salt. Rub vigorously and then wash them with soap and water.


Finally, why spring for fancy wood furniture polish? Whip up a quick concoction of one part olive oil and one part vinegar. The vinegar will dissolve dirt while the oil works to condition the wood.

Do you have a cleaning tip you can’t live without? Share it in the comment section below.

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Surprising freezer-friendly foods

Your freezer is actually good for more than storing pizza, ice cream and vodka. In fact, with just a little effort, you can freeze some surprising foods and always have them on hand when you need them, which can save you loads of time and lots of cold, hard cash


Freezing food is a great way to save dough but the method of storage is the key to its quality.

According to the FDA, most foods can be frozen INDEFINITELY…meaning you could theoretically eat something after ten years in the freezer and not worry about the SAFETY of it…The QUALITY on the other hand is a different story. Quality is best maintained when the internal freezer temperature is below 0 degrees farenheit or -18 degrees celcius – That’s cold enough to keep your ice cream rock solid


I never make it through a bunch of fresh herbs before they go bad so a great solution is to chop them up, put them in an ice cube tray and add water. Next time you need herbs in a pasta sauce or soup, just toss in a cube. The water will evaporate during cooking.


Those huge chunks you buy at the store rarely get used completely. Why not peel your ginger and store it in cubes? Then just grab it and grate it according to your recipe.


These potassium powerhouses can be stored in their peels. The peel will go black but take it off and you have a frosty treat that will cool your smoothie without watering it down


Most people think of canning tomatoes when they’re perfectly ripe and in season. I don’t have the patience for canning so I freeze them instead. Their texture will become mushy once they’re thawed so they are ideal in soups, stews and sauces. One bonus…The skins peel off effortlessly.


Citrus zest can be preserved for your next culinary quest by zesting it directly onto plastic wrap, rolling it and putting it a freezer bag. You can freeze lemon, orange and grapefruit juice in ice cube trays and then use them for cooking or cocktails…Two lemon juice cubes in vodka…MMMMM…

Hopefully these tips will help you save lots of time, money and flavor! Do you have a food tip you can’t live without? Share it in the comment section below.

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How to remove tarnish from silver

One of the best ways to prevent your silver from tarnishing is actually to use it…Often.  That said, I generally don’t feel comfortable busting out my fancy silverware to eat my TV dinner on a Tuesday night.  So, I end up with tarnished silver that needs a good polish before my parents come over for a Thanksgiving feast.  Today, I’m going to share the most effortless way to shine up your silver in no time.

Silver can be spectacular but tarnish is terrible.  What causes tarnish in the first place?  Well I thought you’d never ask…

Tarnish is actually the result of silver reacting with hydrogen sulfide in its environment to create silver sulfide, which causes the silver to become darker and lose its shine.  Foods that contain a lot of sulfur like mayonnaise, eggs, mustard and onions can cause your silver to tarnish faster.  As can contact with rubber like dish gloves or rubber bands.

So in order to get ride of that tarnish, try making a silver dip – an electro-chemical bath that will almost instantly remove tarnish and return your silver to its original glory.

Cover a large glass dish with aluminum foil. The aluminum foil is essential to the success of this concoction.  Into the bowl, pour enough boiling water to cover your item and then add two tablespoons of baking soda.

Dip your item into the ‘bath’ and make sure it’s coming in contact with the aluminum foil.  Allow it to sit for 3 to 5 minutes. So why does this method work?

The aluminum actually attracts the tarnish, transferring the sulfur atoms to the aluminum to create silver sulfide.  If the original tarnish is bad enough, you should actually be able to see the transfer to the aluminum once you remove your item.

Now all you have to do it give it a quick wipe and its as good as new.  This same trick can also work really well on your silver jewelry.

Do you have a household tip you can’t live without?  Share it in the comment section below.

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Make your bed in under 2 minutes

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Unusual Household Helper: The Rubber Band

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How to carve the perfect pumpkin

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