Incredible Household Helper: Olive Oil

Olive oil is good for a lot more than salad dressing!! In fact, this surprising household helper has a number of uses that you may have never thought of!!


There is a famous saying in Italy… “olio nuovo, vino vecchio” – This means it’s best to consume young oil and old wine…A principle I live by. But when your olive oil is past its prime in taste, it’s typically still perfectly for other household uses. But how can you tell?

Olive oil has four distinct enemies…Heat, light, air and time. All of which contribute to rancidity. That’s why it should be stored in a cool, dark place in a container that is glass, stainless steel or tin. A recent study showed that olive oil loses 40% of its antioxidant benefits after six months…a good time to transfer it from your kitchen pantry to your cleaning closet…


Olive oil can be used to moisturize creaky hinges in your home or your car. Use a cotton swab to apply it.


It can be used to lubricate measuring cups and spoons when you’re cooking with a sticky substance like honey or molasses.


Want to make your stainless steel sparkle? Pour a few drops of olive oil on a cotton cloth and give your item a rub.


Same goes with your shoes if you’re out of polish. Apply a touch of olive oil to a soft cloth and voila…


Need to get latex paint off your hands? Pour a teaspoon or two olive oil on them and grab a handful of salt. Rub vigorously and then wash them with soap and water.


Finally, why spring for fancy wood furniture polish? Whip up a quick concoction of one part olive oil and one part vinegar. The vinegar will dissolve dirt while the oil works to condition the wood.

Do you have a cleaning tip you can’t live without? Share it in the comment section below.

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