How to remove tarnish from silver

One of the best ways to prevent your silver from tarnishing is actually to use it…Often.  That said, I generally don’t feel comfortable busting out my fancy silverware to eat my TV dinner on a Tuesday night.  So, I end up with tarnished silver that needs a good polish before my parents come over for a Thanksgiving feast.  Today, I’m going to share the most effortless way to shine up your silver in no time.

Silver can be spectacular but tarnish is terrible.  What causes tarnish in the first place?  Well I thought you’d never ask…

Tarnish is actually the result of silver reacting with hydrogen sulfide in its environment to create silver sulfide, which causes the silver to become darker and lose its shine.  Foods that contain a lot of sulfur like mayonnaise, eggs, mustard and onions can cause your silver to tarnish faster.  As can contact with rubber like dish gloves or rubber bands.

So in order to get ride of that tarnish, try making a silver dip – an electro-chemical bath that will almost instantly remove tarnish and return your silver to its original glory.

Cover a large glass dish with aluminum foil. The aluminum foil is essential to the success of this concoction.  Into the bowl, pour enough boiling water to cover your item and then add two tablespoons of baking soda.

Dip your item into the ‘bath’ and make sure it’s coming in contact with the aluminum foil.  Allow it to sit for 3 to 5 minutes. So why does this method work?

The aluminum actually attracts the tarnish, transferring the sulfur atoms to the aluminum to create silver sulfide.  If the original tarnish is bad enough, you should actually be able to see the transfer to the aluminum once you remove your item.

Now all you have to do it give it a quick wipe and its as good as new.  This same trick can also work really well on your silver jewelry.

Do you have a household tip you can’t live without?  Share it in the comment section below.

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