Incredible Household Helper: Denture Tabs

I’m going to share one of the best-kept secrets for effortlessly cleaning your commode and a ton of other things in your house…DENTURE TABS!

That’s right! These effervescent green pills may not look very impressive but they pack quite a powerful punch when it comes to cleaning house…And of course your grandmother’s pearly whites.

The cleaning magic of denture tablets comes from a combination of chemicals including CITRIC ACID to aid in killing bacteria, SODIUM PERBORATE which works as a bleaching agent and SODIUM BICARBONATE for its abrasive qualities. Add to that the millions of bubbles that mobilize these and you have a very effective cleaner.

Here are a couple of ways this miraculous invention can help you out around the house…

  • Are you suffering with a clogged drain? Place two or three tablets directly in the drain and follow up with 1 cup of straight vinegar. It should clear it right up.
  • Are you struggling to clean a hard to scrub vase or narrow-necked bottle? Just fill it with water and add a tablet…No scrubbing necessary.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cleaner coffee maker? Well these handy tabs can both kill bacterial build-up AND remove mineral deposits…Both of which can affect how delicious your coffee tastes. Pop two tablets in the water tank, let them sit for 15 minutes and then run it. Run another empty cycle or two to get rid of the minty flavour.
  • Have your diamonds lost their sparkle? Fill a glass with water and add one tablet. Let yur jewelry soak for just ten minutes and it’ll sparkle like new.
  • If you have a crusty casserole dish that needs some extra help, why not let the denture tabs do the work. Soak your dish for a few hours with one tablet.
  • Finally, before bed, drop two fizzy tabs straight into the toilet boil…Come morning, give it a quick swish with your toilet brush and poof…You have an almost-self-cleaning commode!!

Do you have any household tips you adore? Share them in the comments section below.

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